Conscious Cunt

Aïsha Devi’s Conscious Cunt @ Houndstooth, Jul 24

20 July 2015

Swiss-born, Nepalese-Tibetan electronic producer Aïsha Devi drops her latest EP, Conscious Cunt, on the independent London label Houndstooth on July 24.

As the newest addition to the British label, Devi—aka Kate Wax, RIP—brings to her hypnotic electronic sound what others have called an air of “spirituality and femininity” and what she has detailed as “sluts, awareness, death, and women in a patriarchal society… enlightenment, violence, resistance, mothers, daughters, consciousness, Guy Debord, Vedas and eternity.”

The trance-like EP is heavily influenced by Devi’s meditation practice and produced in repetitive patterns on a Roland JP 8080 synth that, Devi argues, “basically shaped Euro-dance anthems”. Creating a kind of hypnotic pull, Devi explains in an interview in The Fader how Conscious Cunt takes on the “hypnosis of masses via materialistic icons” and induces a “liberation from dogma and indoctrination through a collective and active trance.”

Stream Conscious Cunt on Houndstooth or on FACT. **

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