Come on Daughter Save Me

Vaginal Davis @ Invisible Exports, Nov 20 – Dec 20

20 November 2015

Invisible Exports is launching a new solo exhibition by Berlin-based gender-queer performance artist Vaginal Davis titledĀ Come on Daughter Save Me and running at the NYC space from November 20 to December 20.

Self-identifying as a “doyenne of intersexed outsider art”, Davis is an artist-of-all-trades: her bio calls her a performer, a painter, a curator, a writer, a composer, a film scholar, a “cultural antagonist”, and an erotic provocateur.

The new show at Invisible Exports is composed of 16 clay-and-nail-polish frieze sculptures complete with “feminine” products like hairspray and perfume, all created in a blood-red colour and depicting a “seriesĀ of ghostly, ghastly, beautiful, emotive faces and masks, Goddesses, historic and mythical women”.

See the exhibition page for details. **

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