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Bar Code

8 October 2011

You are what you eat, or…. something like tell me what you buy and I’ll tell you what you are. There are 3452345 variations of these 2 affirmations. Both extremely simplistic but very truthful.

The latest project by two of our most beloved public art conglomerates (Canada’s National Film Board & France’s ARTE) comes  to explore the way 100 daily objects influence our life. The way they ensure our survival, how they measure the passage of time, their sentimental value, emotional power…

Because each object has a different cultural value, its own identity, its own hidden codes.

The idea comes from NFB producer Hugues Sweeney and ARTE program director Marianne Levy-Leblond who’ve been working together with their teams over the past couple of years to bring to life an interactive and experimental approach to object explanation. 100 short films (the list is quite reduced so far unfortunately) by 30 film director from Canada & France along with BarCode website, an iPhone app (with which you can scan objects and track their stories) and a gallery installation. And please please please even if you hate all this interactive-object thingy, visit the website just for the great music put up by some music geniouses such as KnowinglooksMarc Houle, Mosa or the insane  Cacheflowe.

The good thing is that you can help growing their object stories list by submitting  and sharing your own stories.

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