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Epic new video from Anna von Hausswolff

13 June 2013

Ceremony is certainly an apt title for Anna von Hausswolff‘s latest record. Mostly composed on an organ and charging through the earthly spirituality of a Paganism underscored by a sort of contorted religiosity, the album, out on City Slang Monday, June 17, is a compositional epic wrought with emotion. Hence, the dark liturgy of human sacrifice in this near-nine minute video of ‘Deathbed’, created by sister and fellow performer and visual artist, Maria von Hausswolff, and featuring all manner of natural scenery, blood and insides. It’s a primal expression of an artist that echoes the raw heresy of PJ Harvey and romanticism of Anna Calvi. See the video below and stream the album here. **

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CocoRosie – ‘After the Afterlife’.

CocoRosie 'After the Afterlife'.
24 April 2013

“Patriarchy is over” says CocoRosie‘s Bianca Casady, in a short Q&A for NOWNESS, who premiered their new video for ‘After the Afterlife’. The single will feature on the forthcoming Tales of a Grasswidow, out on Berlin-based label City Slang, May 26 and, while the freak folk sisters haven’t been mincing their words in press, their haunting vocals that linger between childlike and angelically feminine remain for this video shot by Michael Basich in Hawaii.

Carrying on the prematurely abandoned principles of surreal photography, where transposition and fantastical imagery abounds, the video adds to the rising feminist offensive led by The Knife’s Shaking the Habitual and Planningtorock‘s recent ‘Patriarchy Over & Out’ and ‘Misogyny Drop Dead‘. Less explicit and more alluring, CocoRosie’s contribution is just another face from the many that surround gender equality. **

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CocoRosie – ‘Gravediggress’

CocoRosie - Gravediggress.
19 February 2013

CocoRosie are a live act to be reckoned with. Occupying that divine space between visual art and music (if there even is a distinction these days), they presented one of aqnb’s top performances for 2012 at last year’s Meltdown Festival. Luckily, they’re not too shabby on record either and it feels like the further they move along their line of creative evolution, their sound is becoming fuller and more complete by the day.

Announcing a new album and dropping the propulsive sway of lead single ‘Gravediggress’, it’s apparent that growing production values and those otherworldly ideas that made CocoRosie famous are more integrated and fully formed than ever. The follow-up to 2010’s Grey Oceans, Tales of a Grass Widow, is out May 27 on Berlin-based label City Slang .**

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