Cinta Vidal

Sr. Mistu

25 March 2011

Sr. Mistu has ran out of olives for his pizza, and instead of going to the local supermarket or the local grocery store where they’ll very probably sell some imported Greek or Spanish (or even Italian!) nice juicy (or salty dry) olives ,well… he’s got a lot of free time (and customers can wait) so…. he’s decided to embark on an epic journey that will take him around the world… and maybe further away. Isn’t he brave?

Mmmmm yeah well, maybe not the best plot to build a game on, but the simplicity of the game together with the amazing graphics by Marc Sallent and Cinta Vidal make Mr. Mitsu a highly recommended game (for iOS devices… again).

Basically, you and Gaido (his little guide dog) will go with him in this adventure teaching the dog the correct path that will then be walked by Sr. Mitsu to go to the following level. The game went on sale last week … for a dollar!

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