Cinenova: Now Showing

Noski Deville’s magic realist queer love presented by Patrick Staff

14 December 2016

Patrick Staff is presenting Noski Deville‘s film Loss of Heat (1994) at London’s The Showroom on December 14. 

Organised by the monthly program Cinenova: Now Showing, interdisciplinary artist Staff will show the celebrated director and cinematographer Deville whose film explores epilepsy in a “magical realist portrayal of queer love” and a portrayal of the relationship between the carer and the cared for. 

Cinenova is a feminist film organisation that focuses on contemporary moving image and the Now Showing program is working with its archive to re-present what is in the collection.

In addition to the screening, Staff will also present a text and video-in progress to prelude their coming solo show Weed Killer at Los Angeles’ MOCA in 2017 that looks at “illness and gender, and particularly the intersections of queer identity, cross-generational dialogue, and the fine line between states that both poison and nourish”.

See The Showroom website for details.**


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