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Gnonstop Gnomes

21 June 2011

If you have seen Amelie, you may well remember how at the beginning of the film she steals one of her father’s garden gnomes and gives it to an air hostess friend. Throughout the film Amelie’s father receives letters from his garden gnome which include photos of him next to famous world landmarks such as the Taj Mahal or the Empire state building… all those places he had never been to, but knowing at least his gnome got to travel made him truly happy.

Following Amelie’s idea Admob’s founder Omar Hamoui (yes, Admob is that thingy Google uses to put annoying banners inside Android’s apps) recently presented what should become the next big hit “Gnonstop Gnomes“.

His little creatures propose you to take them with you (inside your phone) and take pictures with it wherever you go. Then you check them in as you would do with Foursquare. The real “fun” starts obviously when you share your Gnome’s adventures with your friends, how does this happen?

Once you get tired of your “magic” creature you can transport it to another friend’s device through a magical mechanism called “Lyft”. Just click on the Lyft button, then match the gnome outline on your screen over the gnome on your friend’s screen, and off it goes. Now your friend will have the Gnome, and all the pictures she takes with him will be shared with you.

You will continue to get updates on where your gnome goes and with whom he is traveling…. sounds fun? No? Well…. you can at least try it, its free (although custom Gnomes mean 99cents) and available for both iPhone & Android devices. Enjoy!

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