Christopher Keller

Christopher Keller @ Esther Schipper, Jun 27 – Sep 5

29 June 2015

Christopher Keller has opened a new exhibition at Esther Schipper this past weekend, with his solo show Grey Magic running at the Berlin space from June 27 to September 5.

The Berlin-based artist has has a long-standing interest in physics, mathematics, and hydrology, as well as more fringe sciences and parapsychological notions, all of which informed his fascination with ether, both as a drug and a concept. Following his 2011 exhibition Aether – de la cosmologie à la conscience at the Centre Pompidou and his 2014 exhibition Small Survey on Nothingness at the Schering Stiftung, Grey Magic—inspired by Salomo Friedlaender/Mynona’s 1992 novel by the same name and the theories concerning ‘eccentric sensation’ by philosopher Ernst Marcus therein—comes as the third in a series of shows conceptualizing the notion of ether.

Taking the discourse of Berlin’s 1920s Bohême as well as Marcus’s idea that human perception is located outside the body, and that the disconnect between external objects and our perception of them is thus eradicated, Keller has created a series of sculptural interventions and prints, as well as ‘Mental Radio’, an interactive psychological experiment about telepathical image transference that invites visitors to participate in.

See the FB event for (limited) details. **

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