Christian Delécluse

Christian Delécluse’s Inner Space

21 January 2013

One of our quickies… and this is a highly recommended one for next Thursday & Friday @ the nearly-Parisian digital arts venue Le Cube.

For a couple of days Christian Delécluse’s installation “Inner Space” will be hosted at one of Le Cube’s many rooms willing to challenge us on the process of how we build our perceptions, for that matter he’s built this ever-changing space within a spacious 12 squared meter – room.

This expert of controversial sensitive experiences will be presenting the new version of his work (presented last year @ Montreal’s BIAN & co-produced by Arcadi & Le Cube) which proposes a beam-lights installation that may generate a hypnotic trance…. an uncertain experience that will be presented by the artist himself this Thursday @ 19h. More info of the event this way.

Christian Delécluse - Inner Space 2 (image via Le Cube)
Christian Delécluse – Inner Space 2 (image via Le Cube)
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