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Golden Eggs @ Team Gallery, Jun 23 – Aug 5

22 June 2016

The Golden Eggs group exhibition is on at New York’s Team Gallery, opening June 23 and running to August 5.

Organised by Alissa Bennett, and featuring contributions from the likes Christine Brache, Chivas Clem, Jessica Diamond and Bjarne Melgaard among others, the exhibition takes its title from Karl Marx’s Das Kapital where he describes the progenerative potential of capital in the value acquired through “the occult quality of being able to add value to itself. It brings forth living offspring, or, at the least, lays golden eggs.”

In applying this principle to the contemporary (art) market, the works presented respond or engage with the capitalist phenomenon of endowing certain objects with the power to “autonomously generate revenue, rendering them self-contained units of profit production”, where they would otherwise have no intrinsic or functional value.

Selected artists —which include Alex Bag, Gardar Eide Einarsson, Hans Haacke, Barbara Kruger, John Miller and Banks Violette —engage with what the press release calls “a caustic antipathy towards contemporary capitalism” and its tendency towards exploitation, suppression and manipulation, “to commodify creativity and extinguish individualism.”

See the Team Gallery website for details.**

Cristine Brache, 'Nothing But Violence' (2016). Courtesy the artist + Team Gallery, New York.
Cristine Brache, ‘Nothing But Violence’ (2016). Courtesy the artist + Team Gallery, New York.

Header image: John Miller, ‘Mannequin Lover’ (2002). Courtesy the artist.

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