Everything Dies #1

7 December 2011

That was fast, announced barely a few days ago and Box Brown’s “Everything Dies” first anthology number is already sold out. Print more! What do we do the rest of us poor mortals? Maybe Lulu can distribute a few more?

Everything dies gets an anthology
Everything dies gets an anthology

His mini print comic and web comic winner of of two Ignatz Awards gets a first compilation of some of his best historical and religious variations on fanaticism and human desperation.

This first volume features the non-fiction and auto-bio stories such as: The Great Disappointment, The Great Upsucking, Alpha, Omega, Ben Died of a Train and many others. “More than anything, Everything Dies’ chief success is that it is an exercise in theological reverse-engineering, breaking down theunfathomable whole to better understand all of its working parts. 

 His upcoming post-apocalyptic “The Survivalist” is also available for pre-order, but while it arrives (or future numbers of ED) we shall keep trying to get our own copy of all dead things #1.

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