Supreme Cuts – ‘Envision’

30 July 2013

Supreme Cuts, the Chicago producers responsible for Mykki Blanco‘s mean machismo rap track BUGGED OUT!!!!’, have a second album, Divine Ecstasy, coming out on Memphis Industries in October. Their first single, ‘Envision’ featuring vocals from Channy Leaneagh of synth pop outfit Poliça and is soaring rave-friendly pop sprung from the duo’s house and footwork roots.

Other artists set to feature on the forthcoming record include Shy Girls, French performer Mahaut Mondino and Barbadian teen rapper Haleek Maul. Apparently its title comes from an infomercial where televangelist Peter Popoff “peddles a miracle water that will deliver free money and immerse the buyer in a divine trance”. That sounds like our kind of track.

Listen to ‘Envision’ and see album track listing below. **

Divine XTC
Peak Experience 1
It’s Like That

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Theodore Darst’s The-Drum trailer

14 June 2013

The beauty of new media is that it is amenable to almost anything. That’s why, between the spiritual speculations of the Eternal Internet Brotherhood and the analog interrogations of the digital in LOSSLESS Theodore Darst helped create this album trailer with Chicago duo The-Drum.

In anticipation of duo’s Contact album out on Audraglint Recordings, June 25, it features graphics from Darst, as well as Omega Point and Logan Owlbeemoth and runs through the 11 track listing of the upcoming double-vinyl album, inspired by dystopian sci-fi. Needless to say this is pretty great, particularly the textures of the moving 3D graphic sculpture that follows ‘HORIZON’ at two minutes. We are sufficiently seduced. **

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Sasha Go Hard drops ‘Round 3’ mixtape.

Sasha Go Hard 'Round 3' Mixtape.
6 February 2013

Chicago rapper Sasha Go Hard dropped her new mixtape, Round 3, on Feb 5. Joining a league of DIY artists making their mark on the long overdue rap revolution, including the likes of fellow drill star Chief Keef, suburban white girl Kitty (nee Pryde), New York gender bender Mykki Blanco and so many more, hers is an understated rhythm with a lo fi aesthetic.

Sasha Go Hard's Round 3 mixtape artwork.
Sasha Go Hard’s Round 3 mixtape artwork.

Sasha Go Hard is one of a wave of artists with vastly different agendas and approaches to their craft, yet they’re all releasing music under the same umbrella of hip hop, at the same time destroying its associated archetypes at its very foundation. It’s no surprise, then, that UK-born beat-maker Diplo produces urgent opener ‘Damn’, while controversial Oakland performer Kreayshawn features on the see-sawing gangsta rap pastiche of ‘Kill Bill’. And that’s on the same track listing as vocal detractor Le1f who appears on wavy female anthem ‘To The Girls’. He criticised Kreayshawn over her association with V-Nasty and her use of the ‘n word’ in  an interview posted here.

Joining the ranks of other rap world weirdos, this new mix is a welcome step up from Sasha Go Hard’s early rough sketches and a harbinger of the goodness that is to come. Download Round 3 here. **

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