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Black Mirror

13 December 2011

And keeping up with the future Channel 4 just aired earlier this month their latest futuristic-realistic twisted tales by The Guardian columnist & savage humorist Charlie Brooker (oh and did we mention he’s also behind E4’s Dead Set).

Black Mirror is a  three-part mini-series that like Charlie puts it himself attempts to become some sort of  new Twilight Zone substitute (for us The Outer limits could easily fall in the same category): weird situations and a sarcastic approach to the future trying to “tap into collective unease about our modern world”.

“It’s quite alarming not knowing where things are going” says Mr Brooker, attempting to generate some debate & a personal reflexion on new technology adoptions and social behaviors about our present and future society.  The last episode will be airing next Sunday after a PM fucking a pig to save a kidnapped princess and a reality show being the only way out of our automated reality (and funnuly enough, on TV right after last week’s X-Factor final). Hopefully C4, Brooker, Lyn and the rest of directors and writers will make of Black Mirror a long-lasting sci-fi classic of the early 21st century.

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The End

7 July 2011

“The end is just the beginning” … such a trite. But despite the “moral” religious promises “The End” (Channel 4’s new on-line game) has all the ingredients for another on-line adventure.

Channel 4 newest “educational” game is not about sex, history or terrorism (for those you should check their previous titles) it’s about morality! Despite being games usually oriented at young people (adolescents…) we all have fun waisting a few of our minutes with these don’t we?

So starting next month “The End” should be available “in all your favorite browsers” mixing a platform-puzzle adventure with single & multiplayer modes … and “much more”. We’ll see about that, the trailer looks promising…. (these people at C4… should dedicate more resources & create their own gaming studio…. and less comedy series).

more info on the dedicated mini-website.

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Crystal Fighters @ Abbey Road Debuts

8 May 2011

Pity that Channel 4 are restricting the streaming as well as the embedding of their Abbey Road Debuts second series, but you know… there’s so many economic interests when recording these new promising, fruitful, fresh bands that labels, tv & advertising rights always spoil the access party.

Either way while you’ll have to visit channel 4OD on-line or their Youtube version to see this second series (as you know each episode only streams for 30 days, so the first one, and our favorite with Mount Kimbie, is already gone). So you still have a few 11minute Abbey pills left…  Trophy Wife, Crystal Fighters, Treefight for Sunlight and last Wednesday’s (amazing) Lower Dens.

the Basque-Brit sounds of Crystal Fighters last month

Next week is the last episode of this 2nd series with SBTRKT (subtract), and if you ever get too late to read this post & run for the on-demand videos, then (hopefully) you can always go to those hidden-private extracts Suze Olbrich keeps on her vimeo account (for private streaming purposes). Enjoy!

Mount Kimbie – Before I Moved Off (Abbey Road Debuts recording)

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