15 August 2011

Torafu Architects (studio by¬† Koichi Suzuno and Shinya Kamuro) bring once again one of those beautiful but “useless” objects (long discussion here): the Catch-bowl shelf.

The catch bowl can simply be split into two parts and mounted on the wall as shelves…. focusing o the corner which exist in “every room”… they obviously haven’t thought about the interior of certain buildings like Torres Blancas whose rooms literally have no corners.

As they put it themselves… “When a hemisphere is divided into a quarter and three quarters, the quarter snugly fits into a concave corner and the three quarters onto a convex corner”. So from this idea they created this shelf which allows any user (ejem, buyer) to adjust its height and also use it as a bowl.

The idea is manufactured mainly on plywood and it was produced last summer but there’s no word on pricing or availability… maybe just another of those nice projects that will never materialize. More info on their page.

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