The Night Was Young Enough

19 September 2012

When someone stands alone like Russ Manning is right now it’s hard to get everyone’s pens out, especially when the level and number of releases each day grows exponentially. Luckily enough for Rush Midnight, George Lewis Jr. (aka Twin Shadow) is not only his former band leader, but a friend and a producer who lends him some of his buzz power for a promising start.

With an imminent release of his debut EP, “+1” on Cascine by the end of next month Rush Midnight is accelerating his single-release calendar (a clip for You and I a couple of weeks ago) and mini-American tour set to start @ Brooklyn’s Cameo Gallery by the end of the month.

Rush Midnight - +1
Rush Midnight – +1 Cover

From what Cascine tells us, this New Yorker recorded a few demos in hotel rooms and several studios in between Twin Shadow’s busy tours, but the new wave star did also manage to find the time to help his bass player with some production work… and this is how a new nova of romanticism is born. Link to the single this way.

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Believe EP

8 March 2012

The Swedish trio we got to know just over a year ago via that new born label Cascine have finally released their long-awaited debut EP “Believe”. It is (at least for us) Cascine’s most anticipated release for this first half of the year (many more surprises will come …)…

World Tour - Believe EP cover
World Tour - Believe EP cover

 “Bod and imaginative”? well, we can argue about that, but the always magic & areal pop sounds only Swedish could produce remind us of the best Avner or Lekman with a Balearic twist. Released next April 10th the 4 new tracks promise an invaluable trip to Felix, Tobias & Merike’s own cold paradise. Thank goodness Believe can keep us warm for the next 4 weeks…

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14 January 2011

These Swedish are driving us insane with their atmospheric & millimetric modular voices mastering the philosophy of music. World Tour are the latest addition to the Cascine family (you know… the smaller brother of the well-known Service house)…

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