carl zeiss

Nokia’s leftovers

13 June 2011

Reading this morning about how Samsung is about to take Nokia as the world’s largest Smartphone manufacturer (and probably go behind Apple & HTC by the end of the year too) left me a bit sad. So many good year’s with this brand and their well known “Connecting people”…. wish I could go back in time and play snake on my Nokia 3310….

And what has Nokia got left to do? Surrender to WiMo 7 of course, ditching Symbian, Meego and any other dreams, but while they prepare for the next battle (reconquering some market before they disappear) ┬áNokia still has a few leftovers to sell, and they better sell them by millions…. or at least try to.

So besides plastering the London underground with N8 ads for months the Finnish multinational hasn’t got many other options but to market the only good thing left in their latest smartphone device…. the camera lense. Which is supposed to be amazingly good (if we trust the Carl Zeiss guys)… and to prove it you have their ad up here… looks like they’ve hired some of Microsoft’s ad-making & PR guys.

And as you also know the basics of marketing, when your product doesn’t stand-out by its own features… make it shine, let it shine…

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