Carissa Rodriguez

No Shadows in Hell @ Pilar Corrias, Jul 15 – Sep 4

13 July 2015

Pilar Corrias Gallery is opening a new group show titled No Shadows in Hell, running at their London space from July 15 to September 4.

The exhibition takes its name from a reference to JG Ballard’s 2000 novel, Super-Cannes, which describes a near future where “a ‘perfected’ pressured existence is based on corporate work and hyper-productivity”, and its santised community held together through “covertly administered doses of psychopathological violence that offset a tendency towards apathy and cultural malaise”.

Questioning a contemporary state of subjectivity and the “psychopathic” crisis of overproduction, No Shadows in Hell brings in new works by five international artists: Olivia Erlanger, Josh Kline, Jason Matthew Lee, Sam Lewitt, and Carissa Rodriguez.

See the exhibition page for details. **

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