Youtube World View

27 April 2011

Payed or free PR for these lucky world leaders chosen by Google’s latest initiative: Youtube World View? We already knew about the amazing good relationships between Mr Obama and big G (now challenged by a late flirt with facebook), what we didn’t know is that Cameron, Netanyahu & Mr Zapatero (whose interview has just been published today) had such good relationship with big G too…

Which was the criteria used to select the “12” monthly world leaders (and especially these first 4) that will be interviewed? Maybe Obama’s best friends?

Either way the idea isn’t bad: over 50 “world leaders” (who have obviously surrendered to the promises of great PR by Youtube) have to answer the questions submitted by the crowd via Ytube + 3 main quintessential questions promising to discuss “big picture issues”… mmmm.

Sounds very  “Internet brings democracy to the next level” right? The questions are mostly too familiar and soft, so our “world leaders” don’t get any cold sweats…. you know… wikileaks, Iceland, the European bailout, nuclear powerstations… but what Youtube should allow us (users) is not to vote the questions submitted by any of us, but the answers given by these leaders. That would be even more democratic 😉

The rest of the interviews this way (a lot of free PR in the end).

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