bring me here now take me away

Cybele Lyle @ Minnesota Street Project, Aug 27 – Sep 24

26 August 2016

Cybele Lyle is presenting  solo exhibition bring me here, now take me away at San Francisco’s Minnesota Street Project, opening August 27 and running to September 24.

The press for the show opens with a statement from the SF-based artist announcing the work on show is a “domestic installation of sorts” built during her time in the headlands following the end of a twelve-year relationship and developed around the idea of reforming identity:

“…I’m interested in a flattening of multiple spaces, marks and times into a single plane. I want the big ideas to evaporate in this space into objects and moments and bits and pieces…”

Organised as part of the Et al. etc programme, in which San Francisco’s Et al. runs an exhibition concurrently with that of a guest gallery, 100% Gallery will also present the Mall Rats group show —featuring Maria Guzmán Capron, Kari Cholnoky, Ben Quinn and Jennifer Sullivan —in the MSP space.

See the Minnesota Street Project website for details.**

Cybele Lyle, 'Adventures In Solitude - 6' (2016). Installation view. Photo by Andria Lo. Courtesy the artist..
Cybele Lyle, ‘Adventures In Solitude – 6’ (2016). Installation view. Photo by Andria Lo. Courtesy the artist.
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