Constant Dullaart @ XPO Gallery, Apr 25

8 April 2014

On April 25, Paris’s XPO Gallery will open its doors for the new Constant Dullaart solo exhibition titled ‘BRAVE NEW PANDERERS’.

Like that of most post-internet artists, both the focus of Dullaart’s work and the medium through which it is expressed are intimately tied to the internet and the digital world in which we increasingly live our lives. The ubiquity with which the internet has permeated our culture has sweeping consequences, but ones often left unexplored and obscure. Dullaart’s exhibition zeros in the unanswered questions, begging questions like who is responsible for the production of machinery that is beginning to govern our lives, and what the human costs of this movement towards a digital existence will be.

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For specific event details, including location, head over to the aqnb event listing. **

Header image: Artwork by Constant Dullaart. Image courtesy XPO Gallery. 

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