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Scroobius Pip

10 July 2011

I think our art expert Mss Arty Blighty will soon be writing & interviewing our favorite winner from this year’s Portrait awards; but the truth is that there were quite a few jewels in this 32nd edition, of one the most important portraiture prizes in our human world. 

Scroobius Pip, Angles 2010 by Leigh glover

From all those 2372 submissions, just over 50 were selected for the exhibition this year (not taking into account the travel section ones), many hyper realistic paintings, many Spaniards amongst the selected, a few celebrities (as usual) and many strangers gaze into empty space.

Take Me Home by Raoof Haghighi

Funny how this year’s mini-cataogue with the selected paintings have decided to place all my favorites in the middle pages (ok not all, Alan Coulson, Elie Shamir & Barbara Skingle are not visible enough!), looks like the publisher and I agreed to place Glover, Haghighi, Holt & Keiri’s paintings right in the middle of the booklet.

“Mo and Kev” by Chris Holt

But you may probably have your own favorites, and if you don’t then you should drop by the National Portrait gallery before mid-September. It’s free to stare at all those people!

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