Bosch Art Game

Bosch Art Game

20 September 2012

Here’s one of those contests that actually make sense…. taking an old classic and making some entertaining and didactic product… or a completely twisted and rather surreal game from the underworld… I bet Jheronimus Bosch would have preferred the latter.

And his foundation thinks the same, that’s why with the support of the EU and many local partners (who have nothing to do with the gaming world but… have enough money to invest in these kind of initiatives) just recently launched the “Bosch Art Game” contest. The rules & conditions are very simple… “Invent an original, artistic game, inspired by the paintings of Jheronimus Bosch reliving his work in a new way” ….. and win 2500€ for the full-game development.

Doesn’t sound that bad after all. This is how it works.. you propose a pitch before the end of December to the Bosch 500 foundation and if you get selected then you enter the second round of the competition next year where you would have to develop a game prototype from Feb to July… and if you win … then you’ll get the €€ and exposure.

The garden of early delights… Bosch’s most famous painting today owned by the Prado museum

There are no specifications or rules regarding the platform or channels to use… so we’re even imagining interactive games, platforms or even public spaces could be considered by all of you (this is something one of the Jury members would particularly like) .

A rather original initiative (we hope to see many more like this coming from other European art museums…) that has so much potential given the complexity, divine, human and supernatural dimensions this work concentrates. Sexuality, temptations, hybrid aberrations, biblical and inexistent creatures … the choice is yours, and we expect to see some good gaming. More info on the contest page.

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