Boom Time Ecosystems

Amy Yao @ Mathew Gallery, Oct 23 – Nov 22

22 October 2014

Mathew Gallery is hosting a solo exhibition by American artist Amy Yao titled Boom Time Ecosystems and running at the Berlin space from October 23 to November 22.

The show consists of a new photographic series featuring sites of production and empty spaces adorned with ‘cutesy icons’ meant to foreshadow or hint at the insatiable consumerism that pushes the transformation of these sites from raw, unrealized spaces to ones that will freely facilitate the flow of capital.

An eroded set of marble steps truncates the gallery at its center, and the entire exhibition comes together as an empty shell of itself, echoing the near-past and the near-future simultaneously and in forms not dissimilar to Yao’s previous exhibitions, including the ladders in her show at Ditch Projects last year.

There is currently no exhibition page for this event. **


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