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15 March 2012

Another week, another Kickstarter project that gets many $$$$$$!! There’s nothing you can’t do (and nothing that can’t be funded) with the KS platform really. Need a thousand dollars? KS Ten grand? KS maybe a million? KS too!

And in the context of all-indie-things-on-earth SXSW festival, where groups and start-ups compete for mass media attention, Joe Rubinstein & Elle Schneider just got to present a prototype of their upcoming Digital Bolex D16…. a video camera aimed at those who like to shoot in RAW.

Digital Bolex D16 prototype
Digital Bolex D16 prototype

Pretty much every DSLR & digital mirrorless camera nowadays already shoots images & videos in RAW quality… so why on earth would you buy a “Digital Bolex”? Because it has a retro feel! And because it was funded via KS! And because it’s cool ok!?

 So with their new project, Joe & Elle will attempt to relaunch the 16mm & Bolex trend and market an “affordable digital cinema camera that will allow filmmakers to shoot high-quality footage on any budget”. We’ll have to see the final retail price to judge what they mean by “affordable” because if we follow the KS page … $2500 is a good starting price-point for the DBolex.

future Bolex ad
future Bolex ad

All things considered (specs included, even if everything for now are drawings, rumors, prototypes and more drawings…), and because no-one except maybe Peter Jackson can afford a RED, there surely is a niche market for the project. Hey, 91 people who’ve already pre-ordered the D16 without even knowing what it will look like exactly and nearly $300K to fund the project are a good sign right?

You can also contribute if your body feels like it, although to get a camera next August you’ll have to jump to the $3500  level. More info this way.

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