Ibiza’s BLOOP is going small with its ‘CHANGES’-themed Proactive International Art Festival, Aug 23 – Sep 9

22 August 2017

BLOOP Festival is presenting its 7th edition across venues in Ibiza, running August 23 to September 9.

Organised by Biokip Labs, this year’s theme is ‘CHANGES’ and will reflect on the concept of the word as it relates to the rapidly changing face of societal “values, lifestyle, politics, technology, and environment.” Unlike previous years, the 2017 festival will focus on reducing its size and ‘going small,’ with space design by Designersblock.

The event, which has a longer title of BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival, will bring together installation, video mappings, parties, street art and more, featuring work by Lo Spino (Dario Spinelli), Dizzconnected, Inge Sluijs, Ellamae Statham, Montse Nadal, Helene Steiner + Thomas Meaney, Aiwu, Margaux Hendriksen and more.

Visit the Bloop Festival website for details.**

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