Black Sunrise

Black Sunrise – Trailer

6 April 2011

We were missing  Nick Cross‘ political animation, and even worst… we had missed his previous short the Pig Farmer! Anyways, he’s already preparing new work “Black Sunrise”, which from the teaser above you may be thinking… Conan + apocalypse + some cyberpunk + a very Orwellian message… wtf?????

But again, this is Nick Cross, and in case you haven’t seen his previous shorts… you should; they’re the only way to get into his subconscious.

Oh and… like many other animators & artists lately (we know a few that will very shortly…) Nick is raising funds to produce this film which will be a real, proper, consolidated feature film. Yep, a long one. Yep, an ambitious one, and he’s aiming big this time. How?

He’s got his secret methodology, but if not, he’s also opened a fund-raising page through “that other creative” platform… IndieGoGo. And he’s asking for a generous sum: 25K, but again…. making this kind of work isn’t cheap you know…

In conjunction with the production of this film, Nick will also be producing a book to document the making of an animated film from start-to-finish. I think that this is something that many of you out there might be interested in, since the majority of the emails I get are questions related to this topic, and it seems like there aren’t too many specific books on this subject out there”.

So there it goes our recommended project today. Hope you donate a tiny bit or a massive lot. And for more wet dreams… visit his vimeo page.

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