Glue in the microchannels

27 May 2011

The Catalan scientist Albert Folch has been studying & diving into nanotechnology for over a decade now. Tissue engineering, Oral Biology, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering… and after a few awards (one by the NASA) and many years of microscopic obsession @ Washington (working @ the University of Washington (Dept. of Bioengineering)) his latest photos with his department colleagues (Chris Neils, Anna Tourovskaia, Greg Cooksey, Chris Sip…) are once again showing us the beauty of science…

Glue in the microchannels #1
Neurons looking at you by Xavier Figueroa and Albert Folch

Mr Folch has his own lab at the Washinton Uni (FolchLab) where they’re trying to develop miniature cell culture tools for quantitative cell biology studies. In particular, they’re trying to quantitatively design the micro/nanofluidic environment and/or the underlying substrate of cultured cells under large numbers of conditions.

And since his first uploaded photo in 1997 to date most of his microfuidic photographs have been instant hits. So much that the FolchLab has grown to an art group. Because Folch’s art is now exhibiting across the US, 3 art exhibits in Seattle (collectively called BAIT for “Bringing Art Into Technology”) and selling their works!

Chromatic mixer by David Cate and Albert Folch

Folch’s team have been using a  Canon SLR and a Nikon SMZ1500 dissection microscope with a bit of Photoshop polishing their library keeps growing and now contains over 1,700 pictures and movies of microfluidic devices, cellular micropatterns, microstructures, and cells in general. More in their flickr page & on-line library.

van Gogh's cells by Anna Tourovskaia and Albert Folch
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