Constantin Hartenstein presents You love this feeling at I See Video Art Festival, Mar 3 + 4

3 March 2017

Constantin Hartenstein is screening You love this feeling at the I SEE International Video Art Festival, running over March 3 and 4.

The third edition of the festival will show videos by 18 international artists and will be launched in Shanghai, to then travel onto to Chongqing, Beijing and Berlin and will be jointly hosted by Goethe-Institut China, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, the German Consulate General in Shanghai, and Berlinische Galerie.

I SEE was was founded in 2013 by Berlin-based artists Hartenstein and Clemens Wilhelm to develop a conversation around video art in the international contemporary art scene. This year’s will examine “the impact of technological and aesthetic inventions on the human condition, as well as the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly digitized world.”

 See the Berlinische Galerie website for details.**

Constantin Hartenstein, ‘You love this feeling’ (2017). Courtesy the artist.
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Nik Nowak @ Berlinische Galerie, Apr 11-Jun 30

11 April 2014

From April 11 to June 30, the front hall of Berlin’s Berlinische Galerie will be filled with the new sound installation from artist Nik Nowak called ‘Echo’.

The award-winning artist (who recently took home the GASAG Kunstpreis 2014) uses autonomous robot drones and shifting sound systems to explore the acoustics of sound and how it is perceived when rendered echoless. The paramilitary effect of the installation is intention; Nowak’s work actively explores the collapsing border between private and public, and between civilian and military applications.

Taking inspiration from his love of technology, performance, music, and sound, Nowak creates “Echo-Drones” that interact with the visitors, taking their sounds and reverberating them back in different forms.

To find out more about the exhibition, visit the Berlinische Galerie event page, or get details on the aqnb event listing. **

Header image: “Panzer” (2011). Image courtesy artist.

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