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17 July 2012

When a Kickstarter project reaches it’s final week it’s usually pretty easy to tell whether it will reach its goal or not… whether it has achieved that critical momentum that makes it breathe or it will stagnate is something you can see usually over the first couple of weeks. But sometimes the funding dream is reached in extremis at the last minute, I still remember how Weston Currie’s Congress, one of the first projects we backed just over a couple of years ago, reached its goal in the last few minutes.

BMIV Poster
BMIV Poster

Our admired Jossie Malis is certainly trying hard, very hard to give its very own project “Bendito Machine” some financial viability for the upcoming episodes, but that momentum is yet to come. Maybe the over 65K viewers of his latest episode on vimeo didn’t quite understand the message? Maybe they thought the new multi-colored sky backgrounds are a treason to the traditional monocolor Bendito Machine style? Maybe the latin-historical style is too close to the Mayan culture and people have made the link between supporting this project and the end of the world?

Too many doubts, but we seriously think you should consider giving some extra help to one of the best short animated independent series made in the past few years. We only have one more argument and reward that Jossie hasn’t necessarily outlined (because of his modesty)… the success of this project will save all those convinced religious believers of yours from going to hell, and that, is something worth contributing for.

Good luck in your last week king of mambo! (more info about the project this way)

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Fuel the machines

25 June 2012

And  yes, we shall be greatful and thankful because god is upon us once again! Rejoice!

Fuel the machine still... the hero
Fuel the machine still… the hero
Maybe not god… but the holy machines. 3 years after the last machines were given to mankind (and we learned nothing from them did we?) Jossie Malis is back with the 4th episode of his shadowy animated series for another holy lesson. Two years since we had our ginger tea with him, and at that time he was already planning how to keep growing the dark paradise.
It’s taken him a while but he’s finally released a crowdfunding campaign (second attempt!) on the ubiquitous platform KS for his upcoming clips.. the same human stinginess, the same usury and jealousy… but greater although as simple and effective as before.
Bendito Machine still IV
Bendito Machine still IV
For his 4th journey “Fuel the machines” Jossie tells us the story of a future hero, a man seeking beyond the solar system for a way to keep our super-efficient petrochemical industry going… will he deliver?
Well… maybe it’s worth watching it, and if you like his holy apparatuses… then you may consider supporting him… just like we did. Enjoy either way!
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A Ginger Tea with… Jossie Malis

24 June 2010

No alcohol for Mr. Zumbakamera (aka Jossie Malis), born Peruvian, adopted as a Chilean although vocationally Spanish / Catalan. A very latin parcour noticeable in each of his colour drops, each animation sequence and each line of those surrealistic and many times psychedelic plots…


You’ll probably know him for his Memento Mori animated short… the most anguishing way of dying without any doubts is being trapped inside a lift which goes down to hell. A piece that did not only collect several international awards (EEUU, Argentina, Spain) but also got the creative directors of MTV International interested in this work…. they finished using it as one of their irreverent ads.

Part of his work has been broadcasted in websites, compilations and international festivals or networks such as… Stash, Resfest, Channel Frederator, Pictoplasma, Annecy…. Flash Forward, IdN, Carton D’or and many more. Lately he’s been working on a Franco-German documentary focused on the Andean coca leaf and another doc for Stanford university around genetic illnesses.


aqnb: How’re you doing Jossie? A few questions?

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