Bending Binding

Zombie Routine (2015) exhibition photos

13 August 2015

Routine, habits, and domesticity, repeated actions connected to ordinary everyday life. Exo, a project, curatorial program, and exhibition space in Paris run by Antoine Donzeaud and Elisa Rigoulet, presented Zombie Routine (exhibition photos, top right) at New Galerie, running March 12 to 26, with a selection of works that seem functional, decorative and familiar.

Zombie Routine features works by Bending BindingSkye ChamberlainHadrien Gérenton, Beatrice Marchi, Jaakko Pallasvuo, and Jana Schröder. There’s a mixed media painting by Gérenton entitled, ‘Appetizer Painting (salted peanut)’ (2015) that elevates bottles from function to fine art as they gently protrude from canvases. Conversely, the artist aims to reduce the art object to the  everyday in the installation ‘Object from the hand (glass bottles)’ (2015) as said containers sit on a small table like they would in one’s home. Meanwhile, Marchi unusually abstracts a chair and removes its utility by covering it with fabric and placing an oversized pillow on it, making it impossible to sit on in ‘Tiky, Budy, Aby Furnitures (Aby)’ (2014).

Other everyday objects lose their function such as the drawn-on air cooling systems made by Bending Binding entitled, ‘Kooling Systems (VNR TOC)’ (2015) and ‘Kooling Systems (Spiralz)’ (2015). A video about cats on social media networks and a tutorial on how to learn to mold ceramics loop in the gallery next to amateur paintings, travel bags, and forgotten packs of cigarettes. They’re the “ghosts of our obsessions, our daily routine zombies”.**

Exhibition photos, top right.

Zombie Routine was on at Paris’s New Galerie from March 12 to March 26.

Header image: Bending Binding, (2015) @ Zombie Routine. Install view. New Galerie.

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