26 July 2012

Having a funny tummy can sometimes been problematic, that’s why a good diet is always recommended or alternatively.. Julia Pott’s trick.

We’ve been waiting since last September for Julia to upload Belly, and after the obligatory festival world tour which has provided her with a few more awards (France, States, UK…) Julia has finally made it available for all of us…

Belly is Julia’s own vision of growing up and experiencing that critical moment when you’re forced to leave something behind, it could be a toy, could be your pet… or even your imaginary friend, but we’ve all experienced it at some point, with the help of our older brothers. And you certainly can feel it in your stomach for quite a while.

Belly animated short still
Belly animated short still

What have you prepared for us next Julia?

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9 September 2011

Julia Pott’s newest animated short “Belly” isn’t available on-line yet; it’s still doing a world festival tour (we wish her the best of luck). So we thought… why not talk about all her previous animal love stories?

Julia Pott's mammoth
Julia Pott's mammoth

You’re probably recognized those soft animal drawings…. “aggressively cute” creatures who tend to fall in love too easily, too quickly. We got to know her style with those bit Etsy titles a couple of years ago, and she hasn’t stopped receiving advertising proposals ever since.

For someone willing to become a balloon and still addicted to sugar her anthropomorphic animals have become some sort of East-London icon; something she’s apparently going to try and export to New York. Wonder if she’ll still be part of our other favorite local studio… Treat, when she moves out.

The good thing about Julia is that she’s not only an animator! She obviously sells her stuff on Etsy, has her own personal blog on top of her on-line book, a flickr, a vimeo…. and has a loong portfolio of artwork you shouldn’t miss. This way.

Julia Pott's bear for Small Magazine
Julia Pott's gloved bear for Small Magazine
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