Sound Shapes

22 July 2012

Whatever Beck touches automatically transforms into gold (mostly), ask Gainsbourg’s daughter if not, but his latest experiment isn’t composing an album for for another artist but for a well-known gaming brand.

Mr Hansen has teamed up with the one-man project Queasy Games (aka Jonathan Mak) who’s been preparing his upcoming project Sound Shapes for the Sony gaming platform and that was already demoed at 2011’s E3. A lot has rained since and many well-known musicians and other designers have helped Jonathan with the much anticipated PS game.

Sound Shapes screenshot
Sound Shapes screenshot

Beck is the last in a loooong list of sound designers who’d make the buzz for any other indie game..   Deadmau5, Jim Guthrie, I Am Robot and Proud… and now Beck, who contributes with 3 tracks: Cities, Touch the People and Spiral Staircase. The usual hypnotic style from the incombustible B. David will be accompanied by Pyramid Attack‘s level design, who happen to be Jonathon Mak’s friends…

Everything stays @ home for the Canadian-based project that will be released August the 7th…. $14.99 for some challenging levels… and the best of musics. Best of luck Mr Mak, more videos & info this way.

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