BccN 2012

7 May 2012

From BccN to ccMAD to BccN again. The original and only Creative Commons Film Festival (now copied and reproduced all over the planet) is back for a new edition in the Catalonian capital this weekend.

The third edition of the Barcelonian festival (this year exported to quite a large number of cities including Buenos Aires, Rome, Helsinki or Santiago de Chile) takes the same principles & manifesto that made it famous back in 2010 and brings them to a new location: the well-known contemporary arts MACBA museum.

Vincent Moon is also back to the festival presenting his new musical documentary “Esperando el Tsunami” (waiting for the….) – a roadmovie starring the Colombian duet “Lulacruza” and visiting the Andean country musical heritage – which he believes to be his best work up to date and that will open the festival this Thursday.

But there will be more!  24 more movies, shorts and documentaries from all around the world showed at the MACBA Auditorium until Sunday evening, so… if around Barna, and nothing else to do… you better not miss it. The full program is this way, and more info on the BccN webpage.

And one more teaser for your pleasure…

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18 January 2012

Quick reminder for those lazy souls living in Madrid! ccMAD will open its doors tomorrow for an intense 4-day Creative Commons Film Festival in the Spanish capital. A first for the city (a bit behind Barcelona as the Catalonian city organised last year their own and already 2nd edition of the CC festival, the BccN).


Much like the BccN, ccMAD proposes a list of talks, films and hours-long discussions around the potential Internet offers to film creators… who decide to use the CC licenses of course. The screenings and talks will take place in 2 places: La Casa Encendida & MediaLab-Prado.

The first will offer (with live streaming btw!) during the weekend the premiere of several films and a talk with Dutch director  Bregtje van der Haak (behind California Dreaming documentary) and Media Woman of the Year 2006. Other films include Maud & Leo by Jonny von Wallstram or our big favorite “An Island” by French director Vincent Moon.

But first … the festival presentaion @ Media-Lab Prado tomorrow! With a first talk by Guillermo Zapata, Pieter de Vos, Alberto Tognazzi and Stephane Grueso followed by the screening of a few shorts and on Friday more screenings, & more talks.

The festival is a copy of the BccN as we said before with a big objective: create a world network of CC festivals, so if you want to take the festival to your town just like in Madrid… you may want to read their helpguide. Oh and if you’re around Madrid… just visit … it’s free. More info this way.

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