BBH Labs

10 May 2012

We, like labs, love robots too. And we, like labs, have played extensively with virtual pets, on-line avatars, alter-egos and maxi-egos… even Maxis’ SIMS (or EA can’t remember) back when facebook, twitter and all our other mini-mes didn’t even exist.

We gave them all our own personality, we projected our likes and dislikes, virtues and vicious ideas on their actions… and the people at labs did too. So a few weeks ago they announced one of their many crazy pilot projects:, which as of today, it’s still on private-beta and only has one of those launch-rock register-pages.


A tamagotchi on facebook and on steroids? That sounds like Zynga’s next best hit! BBH Labs (the “try anything – try everything” arm of the Brit advertising giant BBH) are willing to give your online persona some independence and let that robot grow and shape itself based on your virtual you. Obviously, being the lab branch of an advertising agency the real interest behind is to figure out how to perfectly measure and quantify the data we pour each day on our networks and not only create a static picture (robot) of you at a certain moment, but allow that picture to become a movie: a living robot.

This is how they put it:

We hope robotify will tell us, because the other trick is this: the characteristics and features of your robot will be determined entirely and exclusively by your social network data. So if you post lots of pictures on instagram, your robot might grow a telephoto lens in its belly. If you click lots of odd links, you might develop tank tracks – negotiating rough digital terrain, you see.

Nothing out of the extraordinary for this first version right? Their ultimate objective (and we’d really like to see that) is for those robots that live within the on-line “Robosociety” and to interact upon each other independently. Us, personally wonder if we would ever allow a virtual version of us, post, interact and decide on-line for us… even if it’s a persona that would replicate our behaviors with a 99% of accuracy.

Let’s see where they get, the beta registration page is this way.

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