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Snake Remix

13 December 2012

Augmented Reality experts and interactive design studio Visionaries 777 (who last February brought us their AR Spaceship app) are back with a new AR game inspired by the popular snake arcade.

“Snake Remix” while it still hasn’t been developed as a full game (it was made in 30 hours during last October’s Unity MIT Game Jam 2012 in Hong Kong) may hopefully join the ranks of Warm Runner and make it to one of those mobile appstores we all love.

Simply put, Snake Remix is a revision of the 70s classic adding some new interactive elements like those falling blocks which destroy the snake’s playground creating deadly craters… and hopefully we’ll see a more complete version of the game in the coming months.

Snake Remix game still
Snake Remix game still
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AR Spaceship

23 February 2012

A little AR app for the weekend? We know you have plenty of time this end of week (school vacation and so on..), so why not adding a new Augmented Reality spaceship app to your list?

Hong Kong studio Visionaries 7 just released last Tuesday a rather impressive AR game which doesn’t add any juicy features or crazy gaming experiences that you won’t find in previous AR iPhone or Nintendo DS games, but… the quality and sharpness of the game make many other AR apps look cheap.

AR Spaceship on the iPhone
AR Spaceship on the iPhone

To play “AR Spaceship” (for now only for iOS) you’ll need however an AR Card (a marker) which you’ll need to print, then you’re set to control the ship from left to right to fly through as many gates as possible by shooting lasers and avoiding red mines.

Very simple as you can see, hopefully they’ll make it much more fun by adding extra obstacles, customizing features and else, if not, it’s still worth 5min of your time… because it’s free!

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I Am George

30 September 2011

Mmmmmm Lego keeps diversifying their product portfolio. Long gone the days when Lego’s big selling hits were toy hospitals, pig farms or red cargo trains. The Danish house needs to adapt, and signing massive deals with Disney or Lucasfilm isn’t enough. Videogames aren’t enough. Their MMO community isn’t enough. Apps like Lego Photo, Duplo or Creationary aren’t enough neither. So where’s the next step?

Blending digital and real world with an AR app of course! Released just yesterday “Life of George” combines their famous bricks with your iPhone… maybe as a desperate attempt to bring the people back to the physical multicolored pieces, back to the LEGO roots.

Priced at 29$ you’ll get a pack of 144 LEGO bricks and something called a Playmat which acts as the famous Cinema “green screen” and helps recognizing the model you’ve built and placed on it with Ey Cue’s “Brick Recognition” technology.

A game to play solo or against an opponent with 12 levels & 10 models per level… and which remains as a casual game in the end, maybe ideal for those of you who actually never played with the real bricks (will be available on their online shop next month).

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