Vimeo goes music

21 September 2011

When looking for a track for your short movie or final graduation piece you have a few options…. ask that amazing sound engineer friend of yours (or that other synth-vegas expert cousin) for a little dark but enlightening piece. Use some famous MGMT track, give all credit to them. Create your own soundtrack… because you also happen to be a music genius… or use a specialized royalty free music website such as MusicLoops or Jamendo (and pay or not to use them).

Then with the rise of soundcloud finally a decent search by tag massive library (like the Flickr commons for photos) became available for artists to find and in many cases download great content.

And because there’s probably some tasty cake in this market the pipol @ Vimeo (who are starting to come up with many many many ways to monetize their ever-growing community) decided to launch their own “Music Store”.

Vimeo Music Store
Vimeo Music Store

Uhmmmmmmmm, probably because they know big part of their userbase are artists (who tend to struggle finding the appropriate tracks for their pieces) they just released this new thing. They promise a library of 45K+ tracks to choose from (@ variable MP3 bitrates 192 – 320kb) and for $2 each if not free.

The whole platform is powered apparently by Audiosocket who are specialized in providing this kind of music-store platforms.

Vimeo store search
Vimeo store search

Now the only thing left for Vimeo to close the perfect circle is to release a powerful on-line video editing tool… but I’m quite convinced that’s on their roadmap. Uhhhhh what’s this! YACHT’s don’t find the darkness instrumental for free!

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