Heureux qui comme

23 November 2012

Blue for occidental people, pale for women, dark for men…. orange for Africans and their environment, alcohol is presented in greenish tones much like those interior African scenes where there seems to be an impossible coolness for such heavy atmosphere.

Nicolas Presl - HQC extract
Nicolas Presl – HQC extract (all images via Atrabile)

A display of a solid color-code for Nicolas Presl’s latest work who happens to be his first comic happening in the present… and asking ourselves again for all those little things that nourish our human history.

HQC extract2 - Nicolas Presl cover
HQC extract2 – Nicolas Presl cover

2 stories whose paths will inevitably cross at some point, much like the destiny of occident and Africa whose agitated relationships could fill many more graphic novels. 2 unadapted beings… On one side we have the typical business man working for an industrial occidental firm and his not-so-ethical businesses, on the other, a genuinely naive young woman who will find a reality she wasn’t prepared for.

HQC extract3 - Nicolas Presl cover
HQC extract3 – Nicolas Presl cover

Highly recommended, “Hereux qui comme” was released last week under Swiss ed. house Atrabile¬†and which you can get here. More info and stills via BDgest.

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