Imagining Mozambique Exhibition

24 August 2009

Yesterday we recommended the website for the ImaginingMozambique collective. They will premiere at the Maxalot Gallery from 27th August to 10th September as a fundraising drive for ASEM, a non-profit organisation that helps the children and orphans of Mozambique.

Balint Zsako
Balint Zsako

Artists like Federico Galvani, Catalina Estrada, Marcos Chin… or agencies like Crabsalad have created thought-provoking art inspired by the Mozambican children and bring attention to their day-to-day plight for survival and change. The collection is comprised of a photographic exhibition inspired by the Mozambican children and artists from the disciplines of graphic design, illustration, photography and painting.

The show will reside in the offices of Wieden + Kennedy on the Harengracht until the end of November, it will then move to the TBD Gallery in London.

You’ll also be able to buy the artist’s works and the money raised through sale of the artwork will directly go to ASEM (Association en faveur de l’Enfance Mozambiquaine).

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