4 August 2011

Announced at this year’s E3 (although these kind of animated TV series’ games are never as exciting, nor surprising as original new titles but…) Apocalypsegeddon is finally being polished for a “yet to be confirmed” release date, but soonish rather than later we assume…

The universe of Comedy Central’s highly successful “Ugly Americans” (which btw… we’re still awaiting for Channel 5 to bring the new episodes to our sad island) is being transformed into a downloadable, side-scrolling shooter, with a co-op mode for up to four players and a lot of New York monster killing.

Bethany, one of the characters created exclusively for Apocalypsegeddon

Will be available on PS3’s and Xbox 360’s on-line networks (Wii owners will have to “grow up”) for around $10 and we imagine it will be out this fall too. But please don’t show this to your kids, it’s been rated “M” (Intense Violence; Blood and Gore; Sexual Themes; Strong Language), Bethany only wants hugs and kisses…. but special ones.

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