Hannah Black + Bonaventure @ ICA, Jul 27

25 July 2016

Berlin-based artists Hannah Black and Bonaventure are performing at London’s ICA on July 27.

Presented as a part of their Artist’s Film Club series, the event is based upon the life of a character called Anxietina, by day, and ANXIETINA at night, who when darkness comes is transformed from a life of “anyone—working for money, caring for self and others, difficult circumstances, friends, social media, bank cards” into a “force for simultaneous good and evil, the vanishing-into-irrelevance and the emerging-into-history of human action and interaction.”

Black presents ‘Anxietina’, a new work, through text, textiles and music into a cumulative performance that echoes her past work which has employed latex, fabric, and processes or investigations of connective layering. Bonaventure, a sound project by Soraya Lutangu, uses music as “an identity research tool” to connect her African and European roots.

The set for the piece is designed by After The Eclipse organiser, Ebba Fransen Waldhor.

See the ICA website for details.**

Hannah Black, Intensive Care (2013). Detail. Courtesy the artist
Hannah Black, ‘Intensive Care’ (2013). Detail. Courtesy the artist.


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