Antoine Delesvaux

The rabbi’s cat

10 April 2011

It might take a bit (even a year) before this film is released in the UK or outside France (with a planned June release date) but we can already start admiring the latest work of Joann Sfar (Gainsbourg – Vie héroïque director, better known for his comics).

Finally adapting his  last decade’s best-seller “Le chat du rabbin” into  full featured animated film which Joann started producing with Antoine Delesvaux in 2008 just when the last 2 books of the cat series were finally published in English.

"Which of the following prophets has the longest beard, Moses, Jesus or Mahoma?

Algiers, 1920s. Rabbi Sfar has more than one problem. His beautiful daughter is becoming a teenager and above all, his parrot-killing cat has just started talking! The delivery of a trunk from Russia further complicates matters when a painter is discovered inside, more dead than alive. The painter is on a quest for a hidden tribe and its mythical city in Africa. Convinced that the city really exists, he sets off on an incredible adventure, taking with him the Rabbi and his cat, a wise old Arab Sheikh and an eccentric Russian millionaire.

an idea for a poster
another of the unlikely to be released posters

Now it’s a matter of patiente till it it gets to your local cinema (if ever as the French distributir UGC haven’t even planned on a foreing release calendar) you can always get a cheap ticket to Paris and watch it this summer while tanning at the great fake Paris Plage.

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