Anthony Rydzon

Finding Vivian Maier

21 May 2011

One of the projects we’ve backed a couple of months ago on Kickstarter and we’re really eager to see it finished is the documentary about Vivian Maier.

Since the creation of the VM blog, John Maloof’s project around the mysterious figure hasn’t stopped getting bigger & bigger grabbing the mass media attention. There’s a good long list of upcoming exhibitions of her works across the globe (Germany, the U.S. here in London too..).

1953, New York, NY

Some people are already considering her street photography as one of the most important of the 20th century in the U.S. (a bit premature but…), and the good thing is that while John keeps developing all those left negatives & unveiling the history of the Nanny while finishing his documentary we can keep track of all the progress on his shiny new page.

John Maloof as owner of the collection has certainly found a goldmine,  let’s see how big the Maier effect gets.

Untitled, Self Portait

Vivian Maier’s photos were seemingly destined for obscurity, lost among the clutter of the countless objects she’d collected throughout her life. Instead these images have shook the world of street photography and irrevocably changed the life of the man who brought them to the public eye.

This film brings to life the interesting turns and travails of the improbable saga of John Maloof’s discovery of Vivian Maier, unraveling this mysterious tale through her documentary films, photographs, odd collections and personal accounts from the people that knew Vivian..

Untitled, France
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