Annukka Leppänen

Finnish Comics Annual

7 January 2013

And like each year the Finnish Comics Society are ready to release their Finnish comics Annual which each January presents some of the most beautiful creations of the Finnish “bd”. Maybe not as well-known as the Franco-Belgian, Spanish or Brit EU comics the Finnish scene is characterized by the strong predominance of women authors (Moomin’s author Tove Jansson being probably the most famous), and for the past couple of decades the 9th art has gained a lot of traction in this Scandinavian country.

Kati Rapia in Finnish Comics Annual 2013
Kati Rapia in Finnish Comics Annual 2013 (images via Rackham editions)

The 3rd edition of the FCA is edited by the FCS and the French version is published by Rackham (more info on their website) this year (Huuda Huuda have traditionally published the English version, the first 2 are available on their website).

Tina Pystynen in Finnish Comics Annual 2013
Tina Pystynen in Finnish Comics Annual 2013 (images via Rackham)

So this year we’ll get some previously unpublished pieces of young (and also not-so-young) authors and Finnish illustrators providing with a great picture of the current Finnish creative scene… including artists such as Mari Ahokoivu, Maria Björklund, Terhi Ekebom, Annukka Leppänen or Hanneriina Moisseinen. Here’s a teaser…

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