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Olga Fedorova’s psycho-political states of anxiety + sexiness in Generic Jungle at Annka Kultys, Nov 15 – Dec 16

13 November 2017

Olga Fedorova presents solo exhibition Generic Jungle at London’s Annka Kultys Gallery opening November 15 and running to December 16.

The exhibition of new ‘lenticular pictures’ by Russian artist Fedorova will be the first solo exhibition at the gallery. While trained in painting, her present work has shifted towards a multi-media approach that highlights “passionate, wild and strange women.” Her interest in composition, new technology, animals and digital media among others things come together to intersect and create situations out of dreamlike protagonist scenarios.

Using a “tongue-in-cheek symbolism and oblique political commentary,” Fedorova looks at psycho-political states of anxiety through the symbol of ‘sexiness’ and female sensuality.

Visit Annka Kultys website for details.**

Olga Fedorova ‘Generic Jungle’ (2017)
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The anxiety-inducing architectures of physical + psychological boundaries at Concrete Jungle at Annka Kultys, , Feb 21 – Mar 18

20 February 2017

The Concrete Jungle exhibition is on at London’s Annka Kultys, opening February 21 and running to March 18.

Curated by Alexandra White, the show features video works by Copenhagen-based Brazilian video artist Tamar Guimarães and performance artists Michelle Williams Gamaker and Julia Kouneski. They explore “the physical and psychological boundaries between the human and architectural body within the specific context of Brazil.”

Concrete Jungle is rooted in dichotomy, between the natural and manmade, reality and fantasy. Here, Gamaker and Kouneski will present a performative video work described as ‘anxiety-inducing’ and Guimarães’ will present 16-mm film ‘Canoas’. 

See the Annka Kultys website for details.**

Tamar Guilamãres for ‘Concrete Jungle’ exhibition (2017). Video still. Courtesy the artist + Annka Kultys, London.


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