Anni Puolakka

Vibes @ SIC Space, Feb 6 – 22

5 February 2015

Helsinki’s SIC contemporary art space is hosting the latest project from the Vibes collective in the form of a site-specific installation that will run from February 6 to 22.

Vibes describes itself as a “total, perennial piece and collective”, comprised of both its founding members – Ville Ahonen, Laura Birn, Anna-Mari Karvonen, Anni Puolakka, Ville Seppänen, Heidi Soidinsalo, and Masi Tiitta – as well as their friends and guest contributors. Their work consists of a series of installations, texts, ‘situations’, and one-off performances, celebrating, as they say, “carpe diem and commitment”.

For their run at SIC, seven members – including Birn, Puolakka, Seppänen and Soidinsalo, as well as Aarne Tapola, Tuomas Skopa, and Martti Tervo – collaborate to create a world “inside a cloud, amongst a group of creatures who have surrendered to the idea that life and art are about being lost, following one’s instincts and sharing journeys and picnics, joys and sorrows”.

Using Picasso’s play, ‘Desire Caught by the Tail’ (1944) as its inspiration, Vibes’ installation personifies Picasso’s themes, obscuring itself in surreality in order to elucidate meaning.

See the SIC exhibition page for details. **

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