4 June 2012

Today opens this year’s edition of one of the most renown international animation festivals: Annecy with a special guest for 2012: Irish animation. But we’ve covered the animated wonders of the little green island many times, so let’s go with one of this year’s special programmes dedicated to CalArts films and filmmakers.

For the American school this is their biggest presence at the festival with a double program that cover the 40+ years of crazy nonesense in 2 programs featuring 16 student works, eight from Character Animation and eight from Experimental Animation programs, as well as four faculty works…

Amongst those pieces the gorgeus Drifters by the just graduated Ethan Clarke but also a good list of must-watch classics that go from Eric Darnell to the Powerpuff Girls creator Craig McCracken…

But if Calarts isn’t your thing… then you do have the animated adaptation and festival opener: Le magasin de suicides by Patrice Leconte as an alternative. More info for the Calarts (and other) programmes, this way.

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Oh Gee Oh Why

24 June 2011

The International animation festival Annecy closed its 2011 edition just a couple of weeks ago. Rabbi’s Cat won the Cristal for best feature while the Junior Jury gave their award to one of our favourites… Grant Orchard’s Morning Stroll.

At the same time the well renown Gobelins students (2011 promotion) got to do this year’s festival opening credits. A great mix of jazzy-squizo-nipponish-nocturnaish shorts … and a lot of talent as usual, let’s keep those names in our heads shall we? Even if you’ll probably have forgotten them all by tomorrow.


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