Anima 2011

Anima ’11

13 February 2011

Who are the kings of cartoon and BD here in Europe? Frenchies? Spaniards? Naaaaaaaa, Belgians! And as one of the most outstanding Flemish illustrators Mr Brecht Evens deserves not one but many references @ our humble blog…

His water color series are seriously explosive and it doesn’t surprise us every Belgian & French publisher is willing to work with this young artist.

Biodiversity - for IS magazine
For Humo magazine

Record labels, magazines, newspapers… several publications squabbling over him because his highly complex & dense compositions englobe too many subtle details, some of them quite horrid…. watercolour are not for children’s books anymore…

the wrong place

Mr Evens was born in 1986 and studied illustration in Ghent, Belgium. His prizewinning debut comic book A Message from Space was released in 2005, followed by several other books including Vincent (2006) and The Wrong Place (2009), which recently won the Haarlem Comic Festival’s Willy Vandersteen Award for best Dutch-language graphic novel. If you haven’t had enough you may want to visit his flickr page.

Ufo 1999 - commissioned silkscreen
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