angelo mio

angelo mio @ Lazarew – Paris

9 June 2011
angelo mio

To stand out in the crowded graffiti world you have to be either a virtuous (mostly mastering and mixing all techniques), be an old legend, or place your doodles and tags on the most unconceivable places and walls. Patrick Baillet attempts to do all that by bringing his classical pieces to abandoned buildings & squats.

le cas ravagé

Artist & teacher Baillet has explored a little bit of everything to bring his art to life exploring several trends (hyperrealism, xerox-art…). And his latests photographic works capture many of these hidden classic-graffs on ” espaces palimpsestes”. Currently being exhibited at the central Parisian gallery Lazarew, the exhibition has been extended till the end of August.

l' entracte
cuisine jaune

rest of Patrick’s works on his website

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