‘And I’ll Promise You’

Jala Wahid @ Serpentine Galleries, Sep 16

15 September 2016

Jala Wahid  is presenting performance ‘And I’ll Promise You’ at London’s Serpentine Galleries on September 16.

Opening as part of the British institution’s Park Nights programme, the event combines the London-based artist’s practice in sculpture and filmmaking, and “existing music, personal and collective histories” in an evening exploring “collective affect, longing and love”.

The show will feature choreography by Holly Blakey —who also worked with artist Hannah Perry on her Horoscopes (Déjà vu) performance for Park Nights 2014 —and music by Owen Pratt.

Wahid has more recently taken part in the INFO PURA group exhibition at London’s The Residence Gallery, as well as Basic Instinct at Seventeen.

See the Serpentine Galleries website for details.**

Jala Wahid, 'I am a charm' (2015). Video. Install view. Courtesy Seventeen, London.
Jala Wahid, ‘I am a charm’ (2015). Video. Install view. Courtesy Seventeen, London.

Header image: Jala Wahid, Bitter Pith (2014). Exhibition detail. Courtesy the artist + Room E-10 27, Paris.

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