Anamanaguchi exceed their kickstarter goal

4 June 2013

In a recent comment piece, Halciion explored the resurgence of Chiptune in underground culture. That idea is nowhere more apparent than in hacker boy band Anamanaguchi‘s recent kickstarter bid which reached five times its initial goal.

Getting to an easy $50,000 in a matter of hours, the band, that make music using Nintendo and Gameboy consoles petitioned their fans to help them make their self-funded 22-track album Endless Fantasy into a multi-platform project. Releasing the album to their supporters for download on May 14, members promised t-shirts, games, personalised tracks, even a van full of ghosts if they wanted it in return for crowd-sourced funding. Now with 7,253 backers and $277,399 to play with, they’ve sure got their work cut out for them. Watch this space. **

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